Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Car Ride? Car Ride?

Oh...and pretty much the only fun thing that happened yesterday...

I got home late-ish...at about 11:30...because Lori had left her purse at work and I went to pick it up from her coworker's house. I parked alongside of her car, which has had the top down, since the back window is gone anyway. When I walked past it to go into the house, I heard a little noise. I went back and looked inside the car, and there was a enormous black lab sprawled out on her passenger seat. When he saw me, he sat up alertly, in case I was planning to take him for a car ride. I laughed and petted him and told him that he was very handsome.

Lori came out to see who I was talking to, and she didn't think it was nearly as funny as I did. I opened the door and tried to encourage him to get out. He was very friendly, but pretty much committed to the car ride. He wagged and thumped his tail and grinned at me...but wouldn't budge.

Finally, I reached in and dragged him out while Lori raised the top and closed the windows. He was so sad looking that I put down the tailgate to my truck and he jumped up in there.

This morning, when Dane arrived to pick up Katie for school, he said, "Do you know there's a big dog in your truck?"

I wonder when he'll realize that the car ride probably isn't going to happen?


Anonymous said...

For christ's sake! He's your dog, already! Go register him and be done with it. He has chosen you. Don't make me say, "emotionally defective."

Kwach said...

NO MORE PETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Said Labrador is wearing a spiffy red collar WITH a tag on it, and he lives in one of the houses behind us. He comes over whenever we're in the shed to visit and thwack us with his tail and grin at us.

Ev has made the mistake of telling him in the past that he's handsome and good and asking if he likes going for a ride ... which, of course, he does ...

She actually made it sound easier than it was to get him out of my car. When we opened his door he and our dog snarled at each other and he moved to the drivers seat. When I got in the drivers side and tried to scootch him over he was unbudgeable. When Ev finally did drag him out he kept jumping at the car windows trying to get back in. My clean interior now has a variety of muddy paw prints all over it.

The last thing this household needs is a big, goofy, stubborn labrador retriever with muddy paws and a shit-eating grin on his face.

: )


Ev said...

Ummm...maybe we need a big goofy labrador a little tiny bit...maybe?

Anonymous said...

oh I don't know, I think ya'll need one of those big grinning dogs--it'll brighten your days, really..

Kwach said...

We HAVE a big, grinning dog. One with pretty black eyeliner and pretty black lips and four thousand pounds of pretty red hair. I could weave a few NEW dogs from the hair we vaccuum up off the OLD dog.

Besides, she IS an old dog. She's so arthritic and miserable that she cries if the cats bump into her. She doesn't need some rowdy, gallumphing HORSE boucing all over her.

He seems more like a San Francisco dog to me ... romping through Golden Gate Park ... eating Chinese takeout ...


Toby Sue said...

You know, getting those paw marks off your clean interior won't be a problem. Just take your roofless windowless car for a little ride in the spring rain.

Sheesh, some people get so out of shape over such small things.