Tuesday, March 06, 2007

WWJCD...What Would Johnny Cash Do?

If I were an Astrology person, which I most emphatically am NOT, I would say that our stars are currently in whatever house deals with all things automotive. I had my brief truck drama last week, Lori's contemplating trading her beloved Sebring convertibile in for a sensible midwestern Jeep, and we finally took the kids' Ford Ranger in to have it's need determined, then hopefully resolved.

Carrie and Tyler will be here in a few months, and my goal is for all of us to be able to get where we need to go with a minimum of car switching and jockeying.

Plus, with the Ranger gone out of the driveway, I get a better parking space. :-)

You know that Johnny Cash song, One Piece at a Time? Maybe we can combine all of our vehicles into one really eclectic one:

"It was a '49-'50-'51-'52-'53-'54-'55-'56-'57-'58-'59 automobile..."


Carrie said...

Tyler and I are going to the most white trash biracial couple around.
I think we should get a plaque.

Ev said...

Oh, hell...you won't even be in the top 50. For one thing, you both have teeth. Also, you made it out of your teens without multiple kids by multiple daddies.

And your meth scars only show up in direct lighting!



Kwach said...

However, a biracial couple with a lesbian couple in the family tree is probably worth something, don't you think? If not a plaque, at least an Honorable Mention ribbon?


Anonymous said...

To truly hit white-trashdom, you have to embrace tube tops, bike shorts and fanny packs. Do you have any of those? Robin