Sunday, March 11, 2007

Spring is Springing Up

The other night we were sitting in the back yard by the fire and we realized that we were hearing the frogs for the first time this year. The Spring Peepers are back!

Having been a lifelong frogophobic, it surprised me to be excited about that, but even a scaredy-cat like me can see the beauty in a frog this tiny. The really great thing about the Spring Peepers is that I'll probably never actually see one except in pictures. They seem to be hard to find even if you're looking for them ... and looking for a frog is something I can't imagine I'd ever do ... so I'm betting that accidentally coming across one is even rarer. Unless they leap out of trees and land on you ... and touch you with their creepy feet ... and puff out their throats ... and hop.

Okay, enough about the Spring Peepers.

The spiders are back! I saw three house spiders spinning webs on the front porch last night, and that's a sure sign of Spring. Time to remind Katie not to leave her clothes and wet towels on the floor, and watch for the tiny brown recluses.

The lightning bugs are back! Ev said she saw a couple of them the other night, just before we heard the Spring Peepers. We didn't see anymore after that, so the frogs probably got 'em.

The fleas are back! Ev spent $70 on flea dope for all the pets the other day ... so that ought to last a month or so ...

Can the chiggers be far behind?

It's Spring again in Wild Fuckin' Kingdom! Woooohooooooo!



Anonymous said...

We have a similar "signs of spring" convseration, except, being further north, it goes something like this, "the kids are wearing sandels even though there's still 8" of snow on the ground" the lakes are thawing, the amount of roadkill is increasing, and my personal favorite, the turkey vultures are back! Robin

Anonymous said...

It's been about 80 here; "here" being where you're going to be visiting as soon as your darling daughter decides to ditch you all for a decent school in San Francisco.

On a related note, African frogs have taken up residence in a pond in Golden Gate Park. These lovely creatures feature (yeah, yeah, I know),

big, icky claws and,

remind you of anybody?

Ev said...

LOL...Creepy sociopath.