Thursday, March 01, 2007

Unnatural Lusts Redux

All righty then. You want a flame war?? You've got one!

I think it's high time I exposed Ev for what she really is ... a really butch ex-straight chick. I know this, because I know things about her personal life. Like, where she got those kids from. She'd like you to think they were the products of lesbian parthenogenesis, but she's no whip-tailed lizard. Those babies were gotten the old fashioned way baybee ... the old in and out ... penile penetration ... sexual congress with a man. And she didn't just do it three times, while thinking of England, either. She did it like a Bonobo on a hormonal rampage. She did it just for fun.

I know for a fact that she's on friendly terms with several men in her workplace. She says she likes the Chicago Bears because she likes football, but I'm sure she watches football just to admire men. I've heard her, on more than one occasion, comment that some male actor was "good looking" or had a good physique.

And did that fascination with males end when her lesbianism began? Well, you be the judge! I came into this relationship with only female pets. ALL of her cats are male. And I think it's no small coincidence that she calls her favorite ... her "soul mate" ... "Mr. Wi."

Just today I was innocently playing Harvest Moon on my Game Boy Advance and I said, "I hope my melons ripen today." She retorted, "Your melons are always ripe!" Misogynist!! How like a male-centered faux lesbian to make a remark designed to reduce me to a mere sexual object!!

So now you know the ugly truth.



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