Sunday, February 18, 2018

Facebook, We Need to Talk

So four days ago a 19 year old walked into his former high school and killed 17 people with an AR-15. There's nothing particularly remarkable about that, in the sense that once every week or so a young white male walks into X public place and kills X number of people with a gun.

The remarkable thing about it was that it made me tired of Facebook. I'm tired of saying the same thing to the same people, tired of clicking "like" and "love" and "angry" at the same memes and testimonials, tired of my arguments, tired of other people's arguments, tired of thoughts and prayers. I'm even tired of making fun of thoughts and prayers. Tired.

I'm glad my kids are grown. I'm even a little glad they chose not to have kids of their own (so far). I don't have kids in school to worry about, except in the abstract way that I worry about every kid in America because we're a horrible,mean, racist, misogynistic nation, full of people who do random, awful things.

Today, instead of Facebook, I think I'll take some dogs for a walk in the sunshine and mud, visualize being responsible about filing our taxes and not waiting until April 14th for a change, and give some thought to the prospect of a Facebook sabbatical.