Thursday, September 20, 2012

Who the Hell Am I Becoming?

My interest in professional football is roughly equal to my interest in collecting the surgically excised foot callouses of elderly people and creating little works of skin art out of them, which is to say, I am not particularly interested.

Unlike elderly people's foot callouses, however, pro football is something that presents itself to me on a fairly regular basis just by virtue of living in America and owning any type of electronic device that connects me to the world outside of my home.  Sometimes it even finds its way into my home -- generally when it's wearing a Chicago Bears uniform.  Even a die-hard football shunner like myself cannot remain completely immune to the allure of Da Bears while living in Southern Illinois and sharing my life with a woman who came close to giving birth to her oldest daughter at Soldier Field during a play-off game.  C'mon, did you think I was a total cretin??

But -- as I'm sure you're aware -- professional football has recently left the grassy field, pulled off its helmet and stopped tugging at its jock strap long enough to wax downright eloquent on the subject of gay rights and marriage equality.  I, for one, am so tickled by and enamored of one Chris Kluwe that I might even turn on the television, find a Vikings game and watch him punt a football on purpose one of these days just so I can say that I support him in return!

So, there you have it.  I'm now an official fan of an NFL player.  I don't know if being a fan of his writing rather than his footballing counts, but hey, it's a big step for me!

Here's his blog.  You should check it out.   He's a well-spoken and thoughtful guy and a good writer.

Out Of Bounds - Chris Kluwe

Yo, Chris!  Boooyah!  Hut hut hut!  Gimme a high five, dude ... you totally rock!