Sunday, February 08, 2009

The Big Thaw

Boy, that took awhile! We were snowed/iced in for five days, but it's pretty much gone now and it's a beautiful, sunny, warm day out there today. I took the dogs out this morning in my bare feet, which was nice because mud washes off of bare feet much easier than shoes.

Super Bowl Sunday came along just as we were getting unstuck from the ice, so we headed over to Wal Mart for snack foods and ended up with more food than we could eat ... and a puppy.

She's a cardboard box puppy, courtesy of a homeless girl at a stoplight ... a suspiciously brindle mixed breed of indeterminate parentage, but this being Southern Illinois, it's a sure bet there's some pit bull in there, so we've named her Pickle.

That's right, we have five cats, seven ducks and three dogs. Does this officially qualify us for "crazy old lesbians in the woods" status? I think it does. Our Biggest Fan over on AOL thinks it does ... lol.

We've been spending too much time on Facebook lately and not enough time on the blog, but since things tend to go in cycles, I suspect this is also just a phase. In the meantime, we're playing with Pickle and watching out the windows for signs of actual Spring and not just this thing the weather does where it teases us in February and then lets loose with another blast of "fuck you, it's winter, bitches!"