Thursday, March 22, 2007

There's always next year

Southern Illinoisans are a hopeful lot.

They plant trees even though they won't be around to see them grown ... and they love the Dawgs.

I was never a sports fan before I became an imported Southern Illinoisan, but tonight I found myself standing in my living room, four feet from the TV, alternately whooping, cussing, squealing and slapping my forehead.

I'm new at this NCAA business, so I don't take it like a real Illinoisan.

: (

On the bright side, I'm learning a lot about where the love of my life developed her loyalty, forgiving nature and pragmatic optimism. She loves me like she loves her Bears and her Dawgs ... warts and all ... and without unrealistic expections. Sports in Illinois, like the love of a good Southern Illinoisan, isn't always perfect, but once you've experienced it you pretty much can't imagine life without it.

Oh, and if he can't end his college career with an NCAA championship, please God, give Jamaal Tatum an NBA contract and let him keep his hair.



Anonymous said...

Illini,Kawchy. Say it with me, baby, "Illini."

I was pulling for them, not that you'd know cause you NEVER ANSWER YOUR PHONE!


Kwach said...

I'm betting you're one of those "unknown number" people, aren't ya? Huh?? You really want me to risk answering those??? Do you have any idea how risky it is to answer the "unknown number" calls? I could end up with a Kirby vaccuum cleaner ...

Next you're going to say, "But you should KNOW my number."

The other day I had to look at an employee phone list to remember MY number. And Ev has a head injury.


Anonymous said...

No! I always come in on the radar, hag.