Wednesday, March 14, 2007

A Very Cool Thing

Our dearly departed ex-friend Gorgy has apparently returned from the dead.

You remember Gorgy; in the last few months, she's been variously assigned the blame for everyone's bad behavior from Idi Amin to the Special Dope. According to the new folklore, Gorgy virtually invented flaming, and can be directly held responsible for all the woes of WWET since the days when blogs were carved onto rocks by cave dwellers. In spite of the fact that she hasn't posted there in years, she still gets to hold the Evilest Villian Ever trophy whenever the Special Dope is feeling any heat.

I want to be the first to accuse her of also causing global warming, the Holocaust, and the Bush Administration too.

So welcome back, you evil Machiavellian thing, you. Pull up a (brown) chair and stay a while. We can plot world domination and acts of terrorism on the elderly and the otherly-abled. Don't try to steal the "rappelling" threat though. That one's mine.

oh...and Gorgiavelli? If you send me a picture of your dog, I'll immortalize her here as the Special Guest Dog.


Anonymous said...

1. I'm changing my name to "Anonymous." Catchy, no?
2. I am responsible for it all, but I never suggested killing judges.
3. Will someone PLEASE shut Metzler and Nik up permanently?
3. You misused "their," you dickhead.


Note: My dog was recently waylaid AKA: photographed by the SF Girl Scouts. They will be posting her pic on their website, soon. Who knows? It may be scooped by the national site, too. All I know is that those little fuckers made me pay for the Thin Mints and they refused to sign a release.


Ev said...

1. That's Ms. Dickhead to you.
2. It's my blog and English is a living language, so I can debase it any way I want. (but I am going to slink off and fix my typo.) Bitch.
3. You should sue the Girl Scouts. Before you kill any judges, which might prejudice your case.

Anonymous said...

I'd comment on your comment about my comments, but I have to toddle off now and meet with my shrink who's going to change my meds.

Okay. I lied. I'm going to Camp Pelosi to hit on senior activists. I have no life, remember?

Kwach said...

I have a picture of Gorgy's dog. I have a picture of Gorgy's dad WITH Gorgy's dog. We can flame Gorgy into the next Millenium and put of fake profiles of her dog.

It's all in the archives, baybee!


Kwach said...

UP ... damnit ... Put UP fake profiles OF her dog.

Never type while laughing.


Anonymous said...

We can flame Gorgy into the next Millenium and put of fake profiles of her dog.


Flaming is sooo '03, baybee. Go for complete and total character assasination. Afterall, if it's good enough for (fill in the blanks) it oughta be good enough for you, beotch.

Tee hee and fuck the Girl Scouts.

Ev said...

Dear Anonymous,

First of all, I've never fucked any current Girl Scouts. A few former ones maybe, but I think they're fair game, as long as you're not doing their mothers concurrently.

Secondly, the med switch didn't work, since you're still clearly insane.

And thirdly...I don't actually have a thirdly, I just wanted to keep flaming you a little longer.

Auntie Ev