Monday, March 26, 2007


I woke up sort of duhheaded this morning. I feel that vaguely anxious, unfocused feeling that comes from having a seizure in my sleep. Afterwards, I usually end up with a kind of internal thread drift that sounds something like this:

An extra Sirius radio costs $38 for six months. That's not bad. There are 38 ATPs produced with each complete cycle of the Krebs Cycle. I wonder if that includes the ATPs generated in the glycolytic pathway? I ought to look that up, that may be important. Why would that be important? I'm out of school now. I wonder what department I'm working in tonight? I wonder if there's a standard energy production pathway for bacteria? I doubt it...remember Clostridium klyverii? Weird energy metabolism. Lithotrophic or chemotrophic...I can't remember. I should work out. It'll help me focus. Where did I used to work out when I lived here before? Oh...the Rec Center. Li's name is on the wall in the weight room there for her record Olympic lift. I wonder if Li is still lifting? I wonder if she still works for the University? I wonder if Nancy does? I wonder what kind of surgery she had?

So instead of trying to generate a coherent blog entry, I'm just going to point out that I added several new links to our "Blogs We Like" sidebar. I found most of them on, which is a place to find blogs by women, including ours.
I'll be back when my brain comes back.

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