Friday, March 16, 2007

Trisomy Shampoo

I was standing in the shower without my glasses, since I can't figure out a way to put windshield wipers on them, sort of mindlessly washing stuff and thinking about nothing. I happened to notice Katie's new TreSommè shampoo, and since I'm blind as a bat and my mind was drifting, I momentarily thought it said Trisomy, which would be the condition of having three copies of your DNA instead of two.

And that reminded me that I recently heard a segment on NPR about some trisomy diseases but I can't remember what they were. Since tonight is my blood bank night, and blood bank is usually a feast-or-famine department, I might get a chance to do some research on trisomy diseases. And since (as I've stated ad nauseum) it's my blog and it interests me, I'll probably post about it here.

Ooooh, Goody! Something to look forward to! Genetic diseases!

Hey, it beats scrotal fungus.

Several hours later:

Okay...trisomy on chromosome 21 causes Down's Syndrome. Trisomy on chromosome 9, 13, and 18 cause other rare and unpleasant problems, including microcephaly, disfigurement of the skull and facial region, skeletal defects, heart defects, mental retardation and a host of other unpleasantness.

Therefore, upon further review, I would prefer that Katie NOT wash her hair with Trisomy shampoo anymore, since it will be difficult enough to get into the University of Chicago with a normal sized head, and significantly more challenging with microcephaly.

But at least now we know.

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