Saturday, March 17, 2007

Can We Drive to Hawaii?

They'll protect you from your hand lotion, nail clippers and
acne cream, but they won't feed you anymore, you can't soothe your frazzled nerves with a cigarette, your toddler better not put up a fuss (even if you spend several hours on the tarmac) ... and now they may not let you pee.

Who's kidding who? This isn't air travel anymore. It's Greyhound with wings. The on board toilet is out of order, they don't know where the hell your luggage went, you need to pack a lunch (but you can't, because it might be used as a weapon), you haven't got six inches of space to wiggle around in ... and the driver is a self-important megalomaniac who'll throw your sorry ass out in Salt Lake City if you pee in his airsick bags ...

Airline Apologizes to Man Who Urinated in Bag
SALT LAKE CITY (March 17) -

SkyWest Airlines apologized to a passenger who said he wasn't allowed to use the restroom during a one-hour flight and ended up urinating in an air-sickness bag.

James Whipple said he had two "really big beers" at the Boise, Idaho airport. While on a flight to Salt Lake City on March 7 he wanted to use the cabin restroom.

The captain had declared it off-limits during the short flight because a light wasn't working.
Whipple said he had used the cabin restroom before the plane departed but had to go again and finally reached for the air-sickness bag.

"It was like I had no choice," Whipple told The Salt Lake Tribune, which posted the story on its Web site Friday.

No other passengers noticed Whipple using the bag, but a flight attendant asked him about it and told the captain, who called airport police.

Here's an idea, SkyWest ... charge an extra nickle per passenger and CHANGE THE FRIGGIN' LIGHT BULB.


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