Sunday, March 18, 2007

A Love Poem...But Without The Poetry Part

We have maybe 20 readers. Of those 20, probably 15 read us because they think we're interesting or amusing or they love us but can't get us to return their phone calls and this is practically like interacting.

The remaining 5 can't stand us, and they're looking for some opportunity to discover a weakness that they can exploit to make us feel bad on some AOL board later.

So to those of you looking for dirt, I're going to hate this post. :-)

Lori and I have been together for three years. Three years ago I was attracted to her and intrigued by her wit and zest for life, her compassion and intellect...but frequently frustrated by her inclination to be deferential.

Them days is passed.

She has apparently worked through whatever issues caused her to defer to me, and she's come roaring out of the gate. She's feisty and funny and full of piss and vinegar and I love the hell out of her. I feel a kind of exultant joy at this relationship that surprises even me. I love that she's as smart as me, as funny as me, as opinionated as me. Neither one of us has to carry the other or explain the joke. I love the sideways glances, the quick caresses, the eyes that melt my heart, and the laser jabs from nowhere. I love that she'll sneak up behind me, kiss my ear and whisper, "Bitch."...and then laugh.

Every other weekend we have two days off together, and I fall more deeply in love. And every time, I think "Okay...this is as big as it gets." But so far I just keep finding more stuff that delights me.

I don't think I've ever had this much fun with anyone in my life. For the first time ever, I feel sort of panicky at the prospect of dying someday. Forty more years won't be enough with her.

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