Thursday, March 08, 2007

You Are My Wife! Good-bye City Life!

Ha! I've figured it out! The answer to our housing dilemma:

A FEMA trailer! Oh...and 60 acres in Pulaski County.

FEMA got stuck with 40,000 extra trailers that they bought for, but aren't allowed to place in, the Gulf Coast flood plain. So now they're selling them off. And what are we lacking to give ourselves the quintessential Southern Illinois experience?

A Trailer!

Well, that and chiggers, but we can get them ourselves.

This is a decision we can feel good about: we'll be infusing some desperately needed cash into the treasury, helping to clean up the unsightly clutter in Arkansas, and embarking on our ultimate life strategy of rural hermitude...all for only $7000, plus the cost of the 60 acres. At a whopping $1,500 per Pulaski County acre (and believe me, you get what you pay for in Pulaski County), we can have the ultimate in splendid white trash livin' for less that $100,000.

The trailers come in colors ranging from white to white, and offer over 800 square feet of living space in which to spread out.

From where I'm sitting, I can't see a problem with this plan.

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Kwach said...

Less acres and more trailers ... strapped together in creative combinations.

60 acres is too big ... and 800 square feet is too little.


Kwacha Gabor