Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Busy Little...Beaver?

We're up to our armpits in Spring.

So my project for today is to buy a new battery and ignition switch for the John Deere, sharpen the blades and knock down some of that Springtime goodness. It's part of that festive Midwestern tradition of identifying beauty and then clipping it off at the knees.

I may end up with a reprieve, though...It's been 75 degrees and sunny since Saturday, but since I have the day's dark and rainy. If it doesn't improve some I may end up spending the day in the house, reading. :-)

The Snake Road is closed for the annual spring snake migration, and I'd like to get out there and see them this weekend. The snakes migrate down from the bluffs at Pine Hills to the LaRue Swamp, and if you can get there at the height of the migration, it's pretty impressive to see. There's a bunch of different species but a couple of them are venonous, so I don't want to get close enough to interact, particularly since I had a nightmare about big snakes last night. I'm going to take it as some sort of omen and avoid snake handling today.

There goes my career as a Pentecostal preacher. Good thing I have a fallback plan: Love-slave. Generally there's very little snake-handling in the Love-slave industry.

Why can't Pentecostals handle something pleasant to show their devotion to God? Like kittens or something. I'd be willing to hold up a handful of little kitties and drape them all over myself and speak in tongues if it would inspire God to send good things my way.

Oh...and our new faux-pet, Big Grinning Lab, came back last night to sleep in Lori's car again. He was a little disappointed that all the windows were in place and closed, but ended up sleeping in the truck again. Maybe I need to get him a dog bed to lay on. That hard metal truck bed can't be comfy....and everyone knows that we're all about pet happiness here.


Kate said...

We were in a Theisens (like a Farm and Fleet) recently and I thought of you. They had an entire display of miniature John Deere tractors. They were about the size of hot wheels....and in every model of tractor you could imagine.

Anonymous said...

The big thing in Hoosier-ville (when not watching NASCAR, basketball or hunting 'shrooms), is to not only chop nature off at the knees, but then to flatten her like a pancake with these big rollers we attach to our John Deere's. This way, we not only get the foliage, we get at the nasty little critters underneath! Grown men spend hours mowing, clipping and flattening (again, when not watching above). Robin

Kwach said...

ooooooh ... a flattener!



Anonymous said...

Yes, get that dog a bed! Clearly, this is your dog. You'll have to name him. I'll help if you like.

Leave water out for him, too. He must be thirsty.