Saturday, March 17, 2007

My Sim Family

Lori and Katie looove playing little Game Boy games in which they have little virtual lives: they grow crops, walk pets, sit in chairs (an activity, according to The Sims), and raise sheep. They discuss their job at the pet shop, their turnip harvest, and their chicken feed. They complain bitterly when their cattle are angry.
They're insane.

We all have real jobs to complain about. We have real bosses to hate, real humiliations to endure, real paychecks to fritter away. The idea of coming home from my real job to spend an hour fretting over my virtual job and virtual bills is loathesome.

So even as I sit here, sensibly drinking my real-life coffee and clutching my real-life cat, they're consulting on their Sim doctor bills and Sim appliances. They're discussing the most efficient way to scoop poop when they're walking their Sim cats (!?! Cats on a leash?? Is there no end to the blasphemy in this house???)

I'm just hoping we can have some Sim breakfast, get into our Sim truck and get out into the Sim world this weekend.

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