Monday, April 30, 2007

A Well-Spent Sunday Afternoon

Well that was about as much fun as people have have legally and out of bed!

After more than a year back in the Midwest, we finally got around to inviting my ex-husband Rob over to spend a day with us, and really, my only complaint now is that I didn't do it a year sooner.

What a great day! He got here in the middle of the truck painting project (with pictures to follow...the batteries finally died in the digital camera) and settled in with a beer to watch, help, mock us and laugh. Katie, who hasn't seen her Dad in years, kept pulling me aside and saying, "He's just like us!" And I'd tell her "He is us!"

We didn't see him for all those years we were in Tucson, so we had some serious catching up to do. So we plied him with food and beer and settled in around a fire to visit. And luckily he's a story guy like we are, so we swapped stories until way too late, and then hugged the stuffing out of him and sent him home. At some point before he went home though, we had to generate some more firewood, which was conveniently available to a six-footer with a crowbar and a dead tree. And takes a guy to come up with the idea of taking apart a tree with a crowbar.

As he was leaving Lori said, "You know, there's nothing we like better than trashing the exes. But Ev never has anything bad to say about you."

Well, and now I remember why: what a fun, funny, warmhearted, congenial guy. That was one of the most fun days I've had in a long time.

Maybe after I have more coffee I'll post more.

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Kwach said...

I'm not sure this is something you hear a lot in the average lesbian household, but Ev ... I'm crazy about your ex-husband. Can we adopt him??