Monday, April 16, 2007


As the Car Talk guys say at the end of their show, "Well, once again you've wasted another hour." Lori and I puttered away the weekend on low stress activities, which we needed after our high stress week. The weekend came in like a lion of seizure-driven misery and want out like a docile puppy dog. We spent a couple of quiet days shopping for books, rearranging the furniture and cooking. Nest-y stuff.

Yesterday we watched a Netflick called Tsotsi, about a young South African street thug who carjacks a car and shoots the woman driving it, then realizes there is a baby in the back seat. Tsotsi considers abandoning the baby with the car, but eventually takes it with him into the Township. He's clueless about how to take care of it, and ambivalent about whether he wants to. He only dimly remembers his own tumultuous childhood, but over the length of the movie he finds a pocket of unexpected humanity.

It was an excellent story with a fascinating backdrop of South African Township life. Be forewarned, there'll be crying. Oh...and it's subtitled, so wear your glasses.

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