Tuesday, April 03, 2007

It takes a small group of three or four houses ...

... to raise a one-year-old labrador retriever.

Ev was out bonding with the neighbors the other night, and in between fishing stories and beers she got the full scoop on our auxilliary dog, whose name is Sydney. She belongs to the house behind us, but she isn't housebroken so they don't let her in ... and they don't believe in chaining her ... so she wanders around freely, visiting several of us. She spends the night with our landlords from time to time and has bonded mightily with all their children. When they aren't available she comes down the hill to sleep in our cars. She's managed to make friends with our old dog, so they visit a little every day.

The problem is, we live right on a fairly busy road that people use to commute to Carbondale, and they drive fast. Lots of pets lose their lives on our road. Sydney has been known to chase the landlords car for a half mile until they stop and let her in, and she runs right up the middle of the road to do it.

So, when our landlords move in June, they'll be going further out in the country on more land and her owners have encouraged them to take Sydney when they go.

Don't tell Ev, but I'll sort of miss her.



Ev said...

Don't worry...at least we have Dane. He's like a puppy with sideburns.

And in case we ever need a real dog, we can always get the Pet of the Week from the animal shelter and feel good about our humanitarian impulses.

Kwach said...

The Pet of the Week is always ... ALWAYS ... a poodoodle ... cockadoodle ... uh ... beagapoo ... er ... little fuzzy dog.



Anonymous said...

"Don't tell Ev, but I'll sort of miss her."

You are giving Ev away? Wow, thought this one was forever. But she will be happier out in the ocuntry where she can run and chase squirrels and stuff.

I suppose it is too late to housebreak her, huh? Because we could use a nice butch around here, but I will NOT put up with peeing in corners.

Ev said...

Good news! I AM housebroken. However, if I'm going to be your house butch, you have to buy the beer.

Sorry, but them's the rules.

Anonymous said...

Send the dog to me, please. Also, your shit has been recommended as "the blog to read," in Fairfax, California by Your's Truly.

That's right, I said "shit." Deal.