Monday, April 23, 2007

The Solution to Campus Violence? More Guns!

I was listening to NPR's Talk of the Nation on my way home from work tonight, and they were talking about the shootings at Virginia Tech. Okay...remember NPR? Part of the liberal-biased media?

About 90% of the calls were from people advocating the arming of campus security, professors and/or students.

The secret to less gun violence is for everyone to carry a gun? That seems a little...hmmm...logically challenged. And shocking, at least to me, that it is widely advocated by tree-hugging, criminal-coddling, pro-fetus murdering NPR listeners.

The almost universal consensus among the callers is that if every human on campus were carrying a concealed handgun, they could have blown that little slant-eyed bastard back into the stone age. Except I never heard anyone mention how many of the other vigilantes would have gotten blown into that same stone age when everyone reached into their backpacks and came out shootin'. Because in the midst of a firefight, I hear it gets a little confusing. And that guy standing next to you with his gun out may be the bad guy, or he may be another concerned citizen. Better to shoot first and ask questions later?

And that's in addition to the obvious seductive impulse to blow away Professor So-and-so when you find out that you just failed his class and you won't be graduating, even though your entire family is coming down to see you in your cap and gown.

Oh, yeah. More guns in the hands of unstable adolescents. That's the ticket! Why didn't I think of that?


Anonymous said...

I see no problem with this as an option for not only campus-life, but work and home-life as well. We already have a washer in every home, why not a gun in every pocket? Think of all the shootings as retroactive abortions - which all social service personnel secretly (or not-so-secretly) espouse. Robin

Kwach said...

I was trying to explain that concept to my son just last summer. He was stumbling over the term "viable" in terms of "self-supporting."