Friday, April 20, 2007

Mission Accomplished!

Aha! I get it now! When Bush was standing on the deck of that aircraft carrier four years ago, we all thought he was talking about the war. But really he was talking about his garden!

He actually meant that he had planned his garden and started his seeds! Whoops! Talk about a major communication breakdown. Our bad.

So in the interest of clarity, let me just say unequivocally: Mission accomplished. The seeds are started.

Should I be wearing a flight suit for that announcement?

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Kwach said...


The seeds are planted, the little pickup truck we bought to give the kids as a housewarming present is home from it's tune-up and ready for them to arrive, and yet another bonfire has been enjoyed.

I love it when Ev gets a day off!

Tonight, as we sat by the fire murmuring, "Mmmmm ... good fire!" we were struck with the notion that we should be immortalizing our bonfires photographically.

That way, when we think back about the fire with the great log that looked like a face, or the ceremonial torching of the bad futon, or the one piece of wood in every fire that looks like a manatee head we could reference them visually.

Aren't you glad that some of our ideas just stay ideas?

: )