Monday, April 16, 2007

Not All Mondays Suck

We all have those days when everything we touch turns to crap, but you gotta love those days when everything just goes right ...

I woke up this morning thinking, "Awwwwww crap, I don't want it to be Monday yet!" But I'm all responsible and shit, so I rolled out of bed and got ready for work.

I was headed to the Illinois office, so that took some of the sting out of it, because I love that office ... and then halfway there I had my first real "yippeeeee!" moment when it dawned on me that the doctor was out today, so I'd be spending the day doing paperwork quietly by myself, which is my favorite way to spend my work day. Right away I was at least 50% happier.

When I got to the office I found out I was going to spend the day learning their surgery scheduling and paperwork ... because they're probably going to be scheduling me more days at the Illinois office ... second "yippeee!"

Surgery scheduling and paperwork is second nature to me, so I took to it like a duck to water and the morning pretty much flew by. So I'm there whizzing through the charts and organizing the paperwork when my co-worker said, "Do you want to go now or finish that chart? You're only scheduled till noon." It never occurred to me to look at the "end" time on my schedule. I just show up at the "start" time and work till there's no more work to do. But okay, now I'm 100% happier than I was four hours ago!

I left the office with several stolen hours of weekday I wasn't expecting to have, laid out before me like a buffet table.

For my first course I chose a haircut. I had a lot of fun chatting and laughing with my hair cutter, and then treated myself to a good smelling new tea tree hair product for volumizing and texturizing my spiffy hairdo ... and what the hell, I bought the tea tree lip balm to go with it.

After the appetizer, it was on to the Big Box Store for the main course. I wandered around looking at things I don't ordinarily have time to wander around and look at, then purchased a whole bunch of girly stuff with which to pamper myself. There's some lavender bubble bath, a box of haircolor with "multi-faceted shimmering highlights," a do-it-yourself glycolic peel kit, a new shade of lipstick and a $10 watch that doesn't look like a $10 watch. I also bought a picture frame for the antique Virgin of Guadalupe made of microscopically tiny pieces of colored wheat my friend Karen sent me last Christmas, which we finally have a place for since we bought new bookcases over the weekend to house the 30 books we bought at the library book sale.

When we bought the bookcases that meant we had to rearrange the living room, which meant we had to Spring clean the living room, so on top of having an unexpected afternoon off, I also didn't have any housework guilt while I was out getting shorn and buying girly stuff.

For dessert I stopped at the AJ One Stop for chocolate and cigarettes, and helped a frail elderly woman carry a thirty pack of beer to her car because it was too heavy for her. Her yappy little chihuahua bit my hand, but he had really little teeth, so he only managed to puncture one knuckle. She was very grateful for the toting, and apologetic about the slight bleeding, and I was happy I could do someone a favor when I was having such a good day of my own.

On top of all that, I came home and read Ev's blog about the little house vs big house dilemma and I was struck again by how nice it is to be so compatible with someone that you can say, "Yeah, I know the other house is newer and has more bathrooms and a bigger kitchen, and I know it has central air and a fireplace, and I know the rooms are bigger ... but this one is kind of quaint and quirky and I really like it, quirks and all," and know they aren't going to to think you're nuts.

Oh, and speaking of nuts, the pan of frosted walnut brownies we baked yesterday is in the kitchen, calling my name.

So the moral of today's blog is that I love my little bitty life, where a half day off, a haircut and a few bucks worth of beauty products can feel like a day at the spa, and where people ask strangers for help carrying their beer to the car and other people are happy to oblige them. I love coming home to this little bitty house, and I love sharing this little bitty life with Ev.



Suzanne said...

Found time is totally the best time.

Suzanne said...

That sounded very fortune-cookie like, didn't it?

Anonymous said...

I love reading about when other people I care about are having wonderful days - it helps balance me when I'm having a crappy day (and what a doozy!). Keep having fun, and enjoying the bitty life! Robin

Kwach said...

Girly stuff update:

The L'Oréal ReNoviste Anti-Aging Glycolic Peel Kit comes with enough stuff to last four weeks (two treatments per week) after which they promise me:

Enhanced collagen and elastin production.

Younger-looking skin.

Reduced surface wrinkles.

Diminished free radical damage (I was a child of the '60's ... I think all radicals should remain free ... but I digress).

The erasure of skin imperfections caused by the environment.

I'm not worried about what the environment is doing to my face. I'm worried about what 10 hour days in a surgical mask are doing to it. I don't think faces are supposed to be swathed in humid paper masks for 10 hours at a stretch. It's causing something like athlete's face.

But after one ReNoviste treatment I'm already more radiant, younger-looking, and less freely radical.

: )