Monday, April 16, 2007

How Much Do I Love Change?

The dilemma:

We live in a little three bedroom house (okay, maybe not this little), on three acres that we share with our landlord and his family. We live on the northwest corner of the property and they live on the southeast, so our daily interactions are pretty much confined to waving at each other when we drive down the driveway or making an intentional foray when we need to see him for something.

He's a great guy and they're great neighbors. We love living here and we plan to stay until Katie graduates high school and we can move way, way out in the country.

Okay...the dilemma part is that he bought a new house on more land, and he'll be renting out both houses now. We're dithering about whether to move over into his house, which is much bigger (but maybe not quite this big), or stay here where we know we're happy.

Our house is old and small with inadequate outlets and small bedrooms. But it's comfortable and homey, has an excellent porch for porch sitting, and a big shady backyard. His is much bigger and newer, with a fireplace and a deck and modern wiring. But we love living in this little house.

Decision, decisions.

We've got until June to decide, and we've already changed our minds about 15 times. Luckily, we haven't told him any of that...we'd probably seem ever weirder than we already do.

I think the problem is that I ought to be excited about a bigger, newer house, but I like this one.


The good thing about time is that it continues to happen, whether you're prepared or not. So either way, June will arrive and a plan will make itself known to us. If Carrie gets here and loves this little house, we'll move out of it and let her and Tyler live here. If she hates it, we'll probably stay.

Either way, we'll mow the grass, plant the garden, sit on the porch and fret about our kids and our jobs, and life will be I guess it doesn't matter too much which box we're surrounded by.

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Suzanne said...

Bigger houses just means that is more crap to clean. I'm just saying.