Monday, April 09, 2007

Nothing Says Easter Like Semen!

Yesterday morning a man brought a semen specimen into my lab for a complete semen analysis. At 9am. On Easter.

So today, we speculated about the conversation at home that must have gone along with that.

"You know, Honey, we already ate the chocolates, and we went to church last Easter. The sermon this year is bound to be the same. Since dinner at my mom's isn't until 2, what say we swing by the hospital and find out what's up with the swimmers?"

You have to admire such a creative, non-traditional holiday celebration.


Kwach said...

Could have been a religious experience thing ... conceive near Easter ... give birth around Christmas ... maybe they went to a Sunrise Service and wanted to partake of the rapture of the second coming. As it were.


Ev said...

If there were a second coming we couldn't accept the specimen. We require three days abstinance. :-)

Suzanne said...

Wow. Seriously, just wow.