Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Turkey Story

I believe it's entirely possible that now that I've been blogging for more than a year I'll be retelling last year's stories. Luckily I've been hit in the head and don't remember last year, so if you're offended, I recommend a stout thump on the side of your own head to improve your attitude.

So...The Turkey Story.

Many years ago, when my three kids were small and I was living with the Girlfriend Who's Birthday I No Longer Remember, we went to an SIU women's basketball game over the Thanksgiving break. Even though SIU had been in the NCAA championship Final Four the year before, they had pretty sparse attendance at most games. At the game during the Thanksgiving break, the crown consisted of me, my kids, the Bad Girlfriend, and Dr. Englert, my genetics professor, who never missed a game.

They had a raffle at the ticket counter...they were raffling off 5 free turkeys.

Do the math. Five of us, one genetics professor...we were a shoo in for a turkey.

We actually won all five of the turkeys. They called all of our names and we came out of the stands and lined up like there were actually people there to see us and our five turkeys and maybe cheer. Apparently Dr. Englert forgot to fill out the ticket, because it was statistically incorrect for him to not get a turkey. Maybe he's a vegetarian.

So after the game, we lugged our five turkeys out to the car, went home, and stuck them all in the deep freeze (that made a grand total of six turkeys, since we already had one for the next day's Thanksgiving meal).

This is why it's important to support women's sports. Because there may be a year's worth of meat involved.



What? you couldn't have shared a few turkeys with the poor team who are working their titties off in an almost empty gym on a holiday? They probably had to have their Thanksgiving dinner at an Arby's drive-thru.

Sharon said...

LOL! Urban Pedestrian! Whaaaaa....

So, I'm wondering why the prof wouldn't take one of those birds off your hands?

And you know, this story is just way too funny. It sounds like something that would happen to Miss A and me.