Sunday, November 18, 2007

Widgets and Buttons and Possums, Oh My!

I've been playing with the blog today when I should be cleaning the house in preparation for Thanksgiving. I added the smart-assed "Ask A Lesbian" crystal ball widget for your clicking pleasure and the nifty RSS feed button to make us appear all techno-literate and hip (do they still say hip?). I also stuck on an annoying widget that pays us a few paltry bucks if you do your Christmas book buying online.

But I got the most fun out of using the "search this blog" box! Who knew we'd written that many posts involving the word "possum"?

It appears that I've run clear out of avoidance antics now, so I'm off to the scullery.


Ev said...

unfortunately, the book widget isn't going to fly. Too much frenetic movement, not enough actual content. It took about 15 seconds of having it flash by to my left to make me want to put my head through the screen.

Suzanne said...

If you ever find a map widget, let me know. I'd like to put one up so that people will know where I am at all times. Which is sort of self-obsessed, isn't it? Oh well.

Jazz said...

How many posts with possum?

I should install some widget or other just so I can look all "techno-literate and hip" too..