Sunday, November 11, 2007


Okay, so maybe NEXT year we'll NaBloPoMo ...

We had a totally wonderful time in St. Louis and spent four fun days and three nights in a very nice room at Harrah's with the best bathtub on the planet, a beer fridge and a flat screen TV the size of a small theater screen ... but NO free Internet access. They'll be happy to charge you $10.95 PER DAY for Internet access, but we thought that was a little bit exorbitant for something every other hotel on the planet gives away for free, so we didn't pay it. We made a half-assed attempt to drag the laptop around St. Louis on Friday searching for free WiFi, but then we got a little distracted by the excellent beer sampler and kick-ass food at the Schlafley Pub ... and then there was the excellent sex ... and the sleeping till noon ... and ... well ... we didn't blog. We didn't even take pictures.

We did make it to the Miniature Museum, which rocked, and Ev surprised herself by enjoying it and being fascinated by the detail in the tiny things and the very cool enormous doll house displays (although the term "doll house" doesn't come close to describing them). From the micro world to the macro world, we also went to the Woodcrafter store and shopped for all the woodworking tools and exotic woods of Ev's dreams. I think I might be able to convince her that doll house construction is almost woodworking ... and, in turn, I'll help her assemble the pretty turned wood pens she wants to make. In the meantime, she bought me a kit to make a group of miniature houses for the mantel this Christmas ... and we picked up two cases of her favorite beer at Schlafleys.

At the very least, I think we both have a reason to want to go back to St. Louis again soon ... like Christmas shopping, for instance!

I'll let Ev blog about the rest of the weekend and the two most pathetic things we've ever seen in a casino, because she'll tell the story much better than I will.

We got home and had company ... Ev's ex-husband and his friend Lori were here hanging out with the kids (yes, Ev and Rob both have "Lori's"... just to avoid confusion). So Ev and the girls regaled them for a few hours with family stories and showed Rob's "young and studly" pictures to Lori, which is always a fun and embarassing thing to do, and we all laughed and enjoyed the fireplace while I made a gigantic mess out of a skein of yarn I was trying to knit a muffler with.

If Ev ever gets unwound from her determined attempt at untangling it, I'm sure she'll blog.

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Suzanne said...

The Miniature Museum sounds pretty awesome. And if you had given up any of those real life experiences to blog, I would have been very disappointed. Sounds like it was a fantastic weekend.