Wednesday, November 14, 2007

8 MORE Things About Us

Unfortunately, Feral Mom tagged us for 8 Random Things About You. Since we recently did it with only 7 things, I'm low on things. Also, it was unfair to raise the bar by 14%, so you can have...three. Maybe I'll think of 5 more later. Or maybe Kwachie has 5 she'd like to throw in. Here are my three:

1. When I was a teenager I got in a car wreck that threw me out onto the pavement on my face. Among various other owies, I knocked out one of my front teeth. I had a crown put on it, and that lasted until I was 30-ish, until I knocked the same damn tooth out at a fire. After that, I didn't want to look like toothless white trash (I prefer the more classy look of white trash with teeth.), but I could only afford a temporary crown. I've had this "temporary" crown now for 14 years. It falls out at regular intervals, but I glue it back in with Super Glue and it lasts another 6 months or so. I'm hoping to continue doing this until I die.

2. Along that same vein...I hate change. So I own 4 identical pairs of faux-Carhartt pants, and about 10 identical shirts in various colors. I rotate them all, but I'm pretty sure my coworkers think I only own one pair of pants.

Although I've met a lot of people online that I really like, I only have a strong desire to meet Cedar and Marl, because I suspect neither one of them would be likely to be off put by my social ineptitude. I'm not exactly sure why I think this. Kwachie, however, has fabulous social skills and would be a pleasure for anyone to meet.

Clearly, she doesn't love me for my fabulous fashion sense OR my social grace. It must be the tooth.



Now I'm hurt. First you offer me some kinky boot-related sex on my blog and now I'm not even included on your (albeit very short) list of people you'd like to meet. Harumph!

Ev said...

See? See what I mean about the social ineptitude?

Maybe we could still work something out. Isn't there any way we could still have kinky booty sex without a formal introduction?

marl said...

Social ineptitude notwithstanding, I'd really like to meet you guys, too.

If i didn't have to dress for work, I'd likely own 3 or 4 pairs of identical pants & several shirts. I'm generally not fussy, but hate to wear 'girlie' blouses that are too short in the length.

Pat would kill me if i offered boot-sex (or any kind of sex) as an enticement to a meeting.


Ev said...

That seems fair, since Kwach would kill me if I accepted.

I hate clothes, and I hate making decisions about clothes. So the most sensible thing for me to do is have a whole closet full of the same stuff.

I'm sorry you have to dress up for work. I think that's part of the criteria for my career choices. If I can't go there in the same clothes every day, I ain't going.

Suzanne said...

Even if I am not on your short list, I'd like to meet you and Lori some day. I love white trash with teeth! The next time I come into Chicago for a longer time, maybe I can arrange to drive down and meet y'all, if that wouldn't be too stressful. I think a meeting of Jewish white trash and white trash with teeth would be fun.


Okay, I'll accept the social ineptitude excuse (this time). And we can absolutely work out something where we never have to meet. I'd say we've been doing pretty damn well at it so far. Having said that though, there are a few bloggers that I would love to meet and have an evening of drinks and blogging good fun with and ya'll are two of them. (now I'm getting verklempt)

Ev said...

Suzanne...aren't you from Winnetka or something??

I'll change my answer...we'll come up to Chicago and pretend it's to go to the Museums (Lori's never been), even though we're planning to meet you. We'll just never say it out loud until it's actually happening. Then we can just sneak up on it.

And then, UP...if it goes oky with Suzanne, then I'll consider branching out to even scarier situations. Consider, therefore, that all my blogger social success rests squarely on Suzanne's tiny little shoulders, underneath her dykey little head.

Don't feel any pressure, Suz.

Suzanne said...

Fortunately, I'm from Wilmette, and the wrong side of the expressway at that! No Jews - let alone Jewish white trash - live in Winnetka!

I'm so game for a rendezvous in Chicago. I think my little dyke-y head and shoulders would be an excellent platform for venturing out. The next time I'll be in town for sure is a weird middle-of-the-week-semi-emergency trip to see my grandma, who is depressed because she wasn't feeling well enough to come to NYC last month and then on top of that, her fave cousin died, so I'm not sure that will work. However, I'm sure I'll be out there again in the spring and absolutely at the end of June through early July.

Giddiness! I so love meeting my blog friends!

Kwach said...

Oooooh ... now I know what I want for my birthday. A trip to Chicago!