Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A Project!

When my son was a little kid, I started buying Klutz Guides. His favorite was "Juggling for the Complete Klutz" and the set of beanbag juggling balls it came with. My favorite was "The Incredible Clay Book" with it's rainbow assortment of polymer clay and detailed instructions on how to make millefiore beads, buttons, jewelry ... and miniature food.

I loved it so much that I bought a lot of little tools and spent most of my evenings making tiny soda crackers, tiny fruit, tiny pies, tiny cakes, tiny veggies, tiny cookies, tiny candy ... and then storing them in a Rubbermaid container because I had nothing else to do with them. Somewhere along the way, I decided that someday I wanted to build a dollhouse to display the tiny food. That's as far as I got on that project.

I've moved several times since then, and the tiny food hasn't traveled very well, but there are still a few pieces left unsmashed, and I still get a kick out of making it, although it's significantly harder now that I need bifocals. It's also a little difficult to take a picture of!

Last year I started buying books on miniature making, and this year I've asked for a dollhouse kit and a fancy stylus Dremel tool for Christmas. When I dragged Ev to the St. Louis Miniature Museum last month she bought me a kit to build a 1/4" scale Christmas village. So, tonight I bought all the supplies needed for assembly, cut out all the pieces and sorted them into Ziplock baggies, and with any luck I'm going to turn this:

Into this:

in time for Christmas. I'll let you know how that goes. Now, where did I put those magnifying glasses??


Anonymous said...

No comment on your amazing project. However --- in the last maybe ten days, every time I go to your blog it takes a loooong time to come up, and then I get this message telling me that "a script in this movie is causing Adobe Flash Player 9 to run slowly" and asking if I want to abort the process. Y'all know what the hell this is about? Your blog been taken over by demons? It sure is making it hard to be a loyal fan...



I get the same thing. It is one of those little gizzmos they put on their blog interferring with Adobe. I think it is the dyke magic ball. But, then again, it could be the Turkey Carcus.

Ev said...

Okay...I think the slow loading problem may be better. We suspect the widgets. We pitched 'em, which was no great loss because I hated them anyway.

Let me know if that's better, okay? We aim to please here.


O.M.G. Miniatures. My skin is crawling at the very thought of sitting quietly for hours carefully constructing tiny little houses and weeny little furnishings and itsy bitsy people who will eat the miniscule food. I commend you and your saintly capacity for crafts. I have none. Zilch. The only minature crafts I'm interested in begin with a K and end with marshmallows.

Feral Mom said...

Yes...the "Ask a Lesbian" ball was the culprit! I can still ask you guys questions, though, right?

Also, this blog is the best gay blog, for my money. Of course, I like my gay blogs Midwestern with a side of midgets.

Anonymous said...

Yay! It isn't happening any more! Now I can enjoy your blog (and you certainly get MY vote as best gay blog/best chainsaw blog/best pickup truck blog/best rural southern Illinois blog, etc.) without agitation or annoyance! Thank you!


Kwach said...

Yes, your Feralness, you can still ask questions. We prefer questions about sex whenever possible.