Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Tag, I'm It!

I've long subscribed to the notion that sacred cows make the best burgers, so I find myself drawn to bloggers who know how to grill them. As a result, I confess to having what amounts to a case of bloggy hero worship where Feral Mom is concerned. She's funny, she's smart, she's irreverant, she's unabashed, she swears like a sailor and she's a product of the Midwest ... she's the total Blog Package. So you can imagine that seeing our little blog tagged by Her Feralness was quite a thrill for me. I was tempted to blow off work just to stay home and respond to the tag.

8 Random Things About Me:

1. Among the useless skills I possess is the ability to write upside down and backward in cursive. This took a considerable amount of time and concentration to learn, and I believe they may have been teaching math while I was working on it, which is why I can barely do basic arithmetic.

2. I can sing several songs in Spanish, Latin, French, Italian and Irish. I cannot speak any of those languages, but I have some kind of weird gift for dialects.

3. I wanted to be either an actress, a writer, a singer, an anthropologist or a marine biologist when I grew up. I became a lowly, overworked, underpaid ophthalmic technician instead. Don't feel bad if you have no idea what that is ... no one does.

4. My sister and I started out life sharing a last name. It took a combination of seven husbands between the two of us to wrap around to sharing a different last name. There's probably a mathematical probability in there somewhere, but I wouldn't have a foggy clue what it is or how to determine it (see Random Thing #1).

5. I'm terror-struck by the sensation of falling. I hate both negative and positive G's, which keeps me off the back of motorcycles, three meter diving boards and roller coasters, and would have been a huge drawback to my other childhood dream of being the first woman astronaut. I couldn't voluntarily jump out of a perfectly good airplane wearing a parachute if it was spiralling toward the ground and my ass was on fire.

6. I love the sensation of floating. I float in the tub, I float in the swimming pool, I've always wanted to float in a sensory deprivation tank (but I don't want to come out with blood all over my mouth, no vocal chords and chimpanzee hair on my knuckles) and I'd like to experience weightlessness if it didn't involve experiencing either positive or negative G's to get there (see Random Thing #5).

7. I lived in Arizona for 50 years and never saw the Grand Canyon. Never hiked it, never stood at the edge and looked into it -- never even drove past it. I've flown over it a couple of times, but I don't think that counts. More importantly, I don't feel that my life has been diminished in any way by missing it.

8. I watch the You Tube videos on Feral Mom's posts, and feel that they've vastly expanded my mind and spirit. I was especially moved by the glowing moose genitals on the Michigan post. More importantly, I feel that my life might have been diminished in some esoteric way if I'd missed it.

Now comes the part where someone else gets tagged! Okay ... Urban Pedestrian, Flea at One Good Thing, and Suzanne at CUSS ... 8 Random Things, please. (I'm letting Cedar off the offical hook because she's recuperating from surgery, although I think blogging is a perfectly good way to spend time while recuperating, so she should really do it, too.)



Suzanne said...

I like my sacred hamburgers with cheddar cheese. (I'll do another seven random things on Friday at CUSS.)


Aw, no way. I tagged you guys for the 7 random things. I think there's a law somewhere that says you can't re-tag for memes of similar substance even if the title is modified slightly. HOWEVER, because we are such close, close friends now, I will think about it. Meanwhile, I just wanted to say that I can do the mirror writing thing too. I learned it for a DaVinci project I did in high school art class once.

Feral Mom said...

[Furiously blushing] Thank you. Y'all are my new favorite blog, actually, and not just because the glowing moose cock video changed your life.

Kwach said...

Woo! Tits!