Saturday, November 03, 2007

St. Louis

Once I get through this weekend, I've got seven days off in a row! I'm going to spend the first two or three puttering around in the yard. I've got a few more dead trees to bring down, and I'd like to finish a few projects before winter arrives.

But then at the end of the week, we're going to St. Louis for a four day weekend! The kind where someone else does the cooking and makes the bed!

Even though St. Louis is our local Big City, we usually go there for some specific reason, do that thing, and then come home. This time we're going to do all those things we always mean to do...go to the Botanical Gardens, the miniature museum, go antiquing in St. Charles, and see Hannibal, MO.

I got a visitor's guide from the Chamber of Commerce with 25 fun things to do in St. Louis, but we're not much fun, so we don't want to eat out in snazzy restaurants or go to plays. We DO, however, like a nice brewery tour...we've done the Anheuser-Busch tour twice...and we're always on the lookout for cool things to see and do that doesn't involve shopping in malls. We've been to the Arch a few times, and seen the museum underneath it, so I'm pretty much done with that.

So...any recommendations? Anyone ever spent time touring in St. Louis?



St Louis has the oldest bowling Alley in the country. There is a Muesem there, but the best part is you can buy really cool bowling shirts.


Never been to St. Louis, but if you ever come to Ottawa, give me a call. Have a fabulous time. Days off are like winning the lottery.

Tim said...

I wanna bowling shirt!!!

Ev said...

If you're a good boy, Timmy, maybe Secret Santa will bring you a bowling shirt with your name on it!

Tim said...

I used to love Cherokee Street when I'd visit my friend Dana in St Louis. Just block after block of fun stores. There was a tea shop there (now defunct) that had great teas and I did mail order from them for years.