Saturday, November 17, 2007

There's No "I" in "Lose" (But There Is in "I Lose")

We just didn't win the "Best GLBT Blog" award. Not that we particularly deserve it, but when Lori went to check out the winner's blog, it was much gayer than ours. I think that's the problem. We're not writing a dykey enough blog. I think we ought to frame the edges with little pictures of power tools, and talk about famous gay people doing famously gay things.

I'm pretty sure we're losing dyke points by being too conventional. We ought to go out clubbing and take cruises on that dyke cruise line that I can't remember the name of. And we need drama. LOTS of drama.

However, we've already mastered the processing part. We can process like nobody's business. We can even process the process of processing. There's no emotional nuance so subtle or inconsequential that it can't benefit from a thorough analysis, followed by pie or a steak dinner. Maybe a steak dinner with pie, when the processing gets particularly hairy.

Maybe if we process our feelings about Ellen Degeneres here, on our famously GLBT blog, we'd be in the running for the best gay blog. I can see it's a cutthroat business, this gay blogging. We may have to process a strategy.

Pie, anyone?


Sharon said...

You know it's funny you write about this right now. Miss A and I decided yesterday that the reason one of her straight friends has abandoned us is because we're not gay enough.

Yep, too straight apparently. Married, settled, conventional... Curse words, I suppose, for the perverted straight guy.

Kwach said...

It's the dirty little secret of the lesbian world. We're just like everyone else. Well, except for that hot girl-on-girl action, of course.


I hear ya. I recently got accused of being too straight on my blog because I mentioned Antonio Banderas in a hetero-erotic way.

Anyway, sorry the prize-giving lezzies didn't think your blog was loud and proud enough. I think your blog is all around fab just the way it is, if that's any consolation.

Suzanne said...

If it counts for anything, you are my favorite gay blog.