Wednesday, October 10, 2007

7 Random Things About Me

We've been tagged by Urban Pedestrian for this meme. As always, I'll expect Lori to do her own when she gets home.

1. I'm a high school dropout with a Master's degree.

2. I hate movie theaters and stage productions with a white-hot passion. The prospect of being trapped in that chair for two hours is only slightly preferable to having my fingernails pulled out with pliers.

3. I've lived in both Arizona and Washington, and never found a reason to go to California. The only other state in the continental U.S. I've never been to is Maine.

4. I'm meticulous at my job, but slovenly at home.

5. I've hiked hundreds of miles of the Appalachian Trail in my lifetime, but rarely walk any farther than the distance to my truck and back.

6. I had a peanut butter and honey sandwich and a can of V-8 for lunch every single day for 5 years when I worked for the Forest Service. I haven't had either in the 10 years since.

7. I still remember the birthdays of every single person I've ever known in my life, including Kerry McDonald, my next door neighbor when I was 4. All except my ex, Carol, who I lived with for 7 years. I think it's sometime in June.

I don't actually know 7 people to tag, so my truncated list is:

Suzanne at C.U.S.S.
Carrie at This Poor Vegan
Cedar at Cedarflame

The people I wish had a blog, so I could know 7 random facts about them:

1. Marl
2. Robin (I know everything about her life up until about 1995, and not much after.)
3. My dad
4. My brother Daniel

The rest of you: start a blog, so I can tag you too. Except my Dad, who still hadn't figured out the Internet the last time I talked to him, 4 years ago, and my brother Daniel, who dropped off the face of the earth right after the Christmas of 1987. I don't hold out much hope for either of them.

Kwachie's Turn:

1. After 12 years of classical piano lessons, 8 years of music theory lessons and 2 years of jazz piano instruction, I completely lost the ability to play by ear. Now I can't sit down at a piano and play a single thing anyone would want to hear at a party.

2. I'm frog-phobic. Two years ago, if there was a frog anywhere in my vicinity I'd scream, cry, or both. Ev has been patiently helping me get over it for the past year and a half by catching tiny frogs and holding them so I can look at them and touch them. Two weeks ago I voluntarily petted a small toad in the front yard unassisted.

3. This will be my 53rd Thanksgiving and, although I've eaten and/or hostessed the traditional turkey and dressing dinner every year, I've never cooked a turkey.

4. I love to go out dancing and I'm secretly disappointed that Ev doesn't dance and envious of people who do.

5. One of my best vacation memories is a trip I took to Oregon about five years ago. I flew to Portland, rented a car and drove to Newport to spend a week at the Sylvia Beach Hotel. It's a funky old hotel dedicated to books and people who love them. Every room is named after a famous author and decorated to represent them. I stayed in the Hemingway room (lots of dead animals on the walls) and read through all the journals compiled by guests over the years. It was a cold, stormy week and I spent it driving up and down the coast sightseeing in the rain, exploring tide pools and walking on the beach, prowling little shops and bookstores, eating clam chowder at Mo's and hardly talking to another living soul. I'd love to take the same vacation again, but with Ev this time. She'd love the Sylvia Beach. This time I want to stay in the Mark Twain room ... it has a fireplace, a clawfoot tub and it's own balcony overlooking the ocean.

6. I've licked my cat.

7. I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up.


Suzanne said...

Random and fascinating. Thanks for the tag. I'll get on it on Sat.


Very interesting -- especially the birthday thing.

marl said...

hmmmm....blogging is something i've thought about, but never seriously considered.

i'm not sure that i'd have much of interest to write about on a semi-regular basis.

i'd be happy to give you 7 fairly random things about me, though...

let me know in what format you'd like it.


Ev said...

Well, Alex...I'd like the catagory to be "risque"...

Or, barring that, just tell me anything you want to tell me and I'll stick it up there for the entire internet. Don't feel any pressure...

And thanks for contributing. :-)


Kwachie -- now I'm hyperventilating... 12 years of piano and now you can't play a thing? I'm forking over thousands of dollars to get my daughter a musical education so she'll always have a valuable skill to fall back on all her life and you're telling me it's all going to fly out the window? Arrggghhh. Please tell me all these piano lessons were of some use to you somewhere along the line???

Tim said...

Since I have you on my two blogs, you can tag me!

The personal/political blog is and the Food Blog is

I stop by often but don't seem to comment much. I'll have to change my ways cuz I like what oyuse guys write!

Hugs and smooches and see ya over at CD!

Kwach said...

Timmydick????? You want a couple of lesbians to go read TIMMYDICK?


Anonymous said...

Carol's birthday is June 9th.

I'm like that with birthdays too.