Friday, October 12, 2007

7 Random Facts About Marl

1 - Pat & I have been together for 26 years. We first met when I was 13 - when her sister, Marci (a highschool classmate), my sister & I needed a driver, she was often our designated driver. When I was a freshman in college, Marci came over to our house to make a dramatic announcement - Pat was gay. was I, but nobody knew it then. After college, Marci & my sister decided it would be "cute" to fix us up. We dated for about 6 months, then she broke it off. We got back together in 1981 & have been together since.

2 - I read - a lot. 2 or 3 books a week, mostly fiction. Thank goodness for BJs & Sam's Club have cheap paperbacks.

3 - Of the 3 children in my family, 2 are gay. And it's not my twin. My brother came out to the family about 5 years ago. But we'd all known it since he wasa kid. When he announced he was getting married, we were all shocked. Fortunately, his wife is a total fucking psycho, so it was easy to get rid of her.

4 - I'm sometimes jealous of my sister's life.

5 - I truly love my job. It sucks, though, that my immediate supervisor is of the good guys.

6 - I love hockey...all kinds of hockey - from little kids who skate while holding chairs, to my Monarchs,to the NHL. Football is second.

7 - Favorite foods: steak & mashed potatoes. roastlamb & mashed potatoes. roast pork & mashed potatoes. see a trend here? red meat. potatoes. mostveggies, except any color peppers & brussel sprouts.


Ev said...

26 years?? That's impressive.

I work with a little baby dyke who always says things like, "Older lesbians all have kids. Why did you get married? Didn't you know you were gay?"

I'm always curious about the people who embraced their gayness young in life.

And all that red meat will kill ya. I know...I'm racing you to an early grave.

marl said...

i should try to dig out some pics of me from young adulthood, high school & college. of course, i don't have a scanner so i can post them anywhere. lol

but, for the life of me, i cannot figure out how people couldn't figure out i was a baby dyke.

i was friends with the guys in high school, but was definitely not into them "that way". there was a woman who was my closest friend, with whom i spent a vast amount of time. she was straight, and we never experimented the way some girls do/did.

my first lover was as a junior in college. it was amazing and incredibly intense. as with most hot flames, it burned itself out pretty quickly. having attended a primarily women's college, i was surprisingly blind to the number of "roommates" who turned out to be "couples". in hindsight, the place was loaded with dykes. at the time, it felt like Jeanne & I were the only ones. ;)

Kwach said...

My ex knew she was gay forever. She was the photographer on the yearbook staff in high school and used to sneak shots of naked girls in the locker room for her own enjoyment. Her mom found a library book in her bedroom entitled, "So You Think You Might Be Gay" and promptly shuttled her off to (I love this) ORAL Roberts University upon graduation, where she met her first lesbian lover.

Eventually they were discovered, the lover's parents yanked her out of school, my ex's parents sent her to a psychiatric hospital and she spent the next several years trying to get God to fix her by marrying a pentecostal preacher. It didn't work. She ended up having an affair with the wife half of the couple who were their best friends. The wife ended up confessing to her husband, who snitched to the preacher, who threw my ex out in the street with the clothes on her back and told their two kids they wouldn't be seeing Mommy in the afterlife because she was going to burn in hell.