Monday, May 07, 2007

Well, Huh...Nebraska Anyone?

As you know, I love eBay. And what's not to love? It's like the world's largest garage sale. All sorts of crap that no one ever knew they needed until they saw it advertised and heatedly contested. I bid on all sorts of stuff. Some of it pans out, some not. This morning I saw a 1986 Jeep Cherokee at $350 with nine hours left on the auction. Owner says it runs good, he drives it to work; it needs some stuff, but it's basically I bid on it.

Oddly, no one else did. Probably because it's in Nebraska, which is a good long way from anywhere. So I won the bid. $350 for a fully functional Jeep Cherokee without rust...which is a major consideration in the salt-encrusted Midwest. So now Katie, who gets her license on Wednesday, will get a car on Saturday.

And this is particularly heartwarming to me, since the first car I ever owned all by myself was a Jeep CJ-5. Just goes to show you...Jeeps make excellent starter cars. Oh...except mine got nailed from the side and launched me head first like a pavement-seeking missile out onto the road, and burst into flames. Whoops! Another heartwarming story shot to hell by reality.

But that won't happen to Katie, because it's statistically incorrect for a mother and her child to both be launched out of their first car. See? By sacrificing myself, I have saved my child. Nobility, thy name is Evie.

Anyway...It appears to be in excellent shape. It sounds like it needs some fairly minor fixing up, but nothing really outrageous. I'm thinking this is the beginning of us branching out from the crappy pickups to the crappy SUVs. Apparently the sky's the limit on crapitude here.

And now our weekend, which was previously allocated for fishing, will instead be spent on a leisurely drive to Nebraska and back. That's not a huge hardship for us, but it certainly has altered our plans.

But that's cool. Once again, I'm the envy of janitors everywhere. Well, at least I have the admiration of the guys at the hospital. The janitors and security guards all gathered around my monitor and said, "That's so fuckin' cool. Can you find me a deal like that? That's so fuckin' cool!"

That's me. So fuckin' cool.


Kwach said...

... because a home in Southern Illinois just isn't a home unless it bears a vague resemblance to a used car lot ... :)

My car is feeling decidedly out of place.


Anonymous said...

LMAO...ya'll better watch it or the zoning commission will be after you...

Anonymous said...


Thank you mommy!

Ev said...

First of all, we don't have zoning here. That's one of the reasons we like it here.

Second of all...You're welcome, Kiddo. It's my pleasure. Just don't launch yourself through the window, okay?

Suzanne said...

Awesome! I am very jealous of your fine purchase.