Saturday, May 19, 2007's Such a Lonely Word

There is a difference between hiding your head in the sand, and voluntarily sticking it into a wood chipper.

Having the sense to avoid people and situations that make us less happy and less content seems like an intelligent choice, particularly when we remember that some people's objective is specifically to make us less happy and less content. It's not cowardly or pollyanna-ish. It's taking a realistic look at the possible outcomes of engaging them, and deciding that none of them are palatable and making the decision not to beat that dead horse again.

So if engagement makes us less happy and more stressed, why hand them that victory on a platter? Why not do the things necessary to live a more harmonious life with less toxic people in it?

Just sayin'


Anonymous said...

It's not about being stressed or less happy. I've just never found an attention seeking looney palitable. I have at times found myself a tad bit disappointed when I stumbled on a crapehanger through those I did find engaging. Everyone has one you know and, I guess that is the delima. Indirect exposure. lol BushRod Gentry

Ev said...

BushRod, you are a speaker of truth.

Luckily, I'm sending my bulk e-mail to my foil-hatted minions informing them of what they should be doing to curb this terrible scourge.

Slip on your hat, and await my instructions!


Suzanne said...

I hope that you ladies will consider driving up to Chicago at the end of July for the BlogHer conference. I would so love to meet you.

Ev said...

I appreciate you saying that, but we never go anywhere that we might encounter any actual people. Particularly people we actually like and admire.

That's why we hide out here in the middle of nowhere. So we won't bump into any people we like except the ones we're already related to.

Perhaps you'd be willing to be related to us instead?