Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Wanna See A Cool Blister??


So, today I went to get my bandages changed, and I got to lose the big baseball mitt and exchange it for a much smaller, more streamlined bandage. Mostly nothing hurts now, so I'm hoping to lose even more wrapping after I see the Nurse Practitioner tomorrow.

However ... see that big fat lump where my middle finger ought to be? That's not a whole lot of gauze, that's a big juicy blister. There are smaller ones on my index finger and thumb , but they really pale in comparison.

So there ya go, Cedar ... The Wound.



Anonymous said...

Damn, Lady! That's beautiful! Glad you're okay - and *be* a big, blubbering idiot - in fact, wallow in the love and care - by the looks of the hand, you've definitely earned some TLC! Robin


Is that a 2nd or 3rd degree burn? Isn't it amazing how the body creates that protective blister around the wound?

I feel your pain. I think that is worth some pretty special prize for bravery.

Anonymous said...

It's a second degree burn; 3rd degree would show some char and wound't hurt nearly as bad as a 2nd. Isn't it amazing how it just stopped hurting like it did?

marl said...

fuck, that's hideous!

glad it's not me - i'd be sooooo tempted to pop it & watch it ooze.


Kwach said...

The blister is an imressive covering over a second degree burn. The ones I guess I should be worried about are the dark purplish mushy ones that have no feeling at all no matter how much you poke at them, They just feel like sludge. My fingertips are sort of charred white and also have no feeling. Those are all either deep second degree or third degree, and I'm hoping for second, becase third degree burns require grafting, and we think having your hand attached to your ass is a bad look.


Anonymous said...

Are you delicate or did you leave that finger in for several minutes ?I don't think I will be eating pork chops any time soon. Your finger looks like the deep fried outer layer of a chop not trimmed of fat. Once it's not critical care read up on the healing properties of honey. I agree your brave :Diane

Suzanne said...

Holy arse! I am duly impressed.