Sunday, May 20, 2007

Another Day, Another Trip To The E.R.

But Ha! The good news is that this time it wasn't for me!

Lori set out to fry pork chops for lunch, but along the way, decided to deep fry her hand instead.

I personally think that was a poor choice, but what do I know? I'm just the girlfriend. I don't think it took her long to realize that Hand Fritter wasn't going to be very palatable, nor very comfortable. So after running cold water on it for an hour or so, and insisting I eat the pork chops that she'd almost lost a limb over, we took her hand in it's bucket of ice water into town for some real medical care.

The doctor was mediocre, the nurses were good, and the morphine was great. A couple of hours later, she was wrapped in a blanket, parked in a corner of the hematology section of my lab while I finished up my work, and then I brought her home...with her new best friend, Mr. Vicodin.

Mr. Vicodin will be a guest in our home for a few days, since Mr. Morphine apparently just dropped by for the afternoon, then had to move on. But Mr. Vicodin is the kind of houseguest who unpacks, puts his toothbrush in your bathroom and settles in. Luckily, Mr. Vicodin brought his friend, Mr. Sick Leave. I think they may be lovers; they always seem to be together.

So we've made the calls, picked up the pills, laid out the towels for the Misters, and Lori will be settling in for a long week of The View and The Price is Right.


Anonymous said...

OMG Kwach.....It looks serious ! And, heck yea i guess sick leave is in order. How the heck could you pass surgical instruments anyway? Big hug for you woman.
TC :Diane

Kwach said...

I'd never had a big, serious burn before ... just the usual bumping up against a hot burner or skillet, etc. I was going with the "keep it in cold water for awhile" theory, except that after three hours in cold water it still felt like it was soaking in molten lava.

I'm glad I let Lynn talk us into takin it to the ER. It was excruciating while they were workin on it, and I was a big blubbering lump, but whatever the did tot was worth it. I can still feel the big, squishy blisters through all that gauze, and it itches like hell, but it doesn't hurt. Today I go for a dressing chsnge snd we'll see how bad it looks.

Word to the wise ... don't be stoic about a burn ... take it to the doctor.



I am sorry you are hurt, but, really, unless you post the actually wound on the board, it could all be hearsay.

Anonymous said...

Big burns, especially when they cover a joint, are always serious. I'm glad you went, too, and also glad that you're feeling much better today. They hurt like hell as I should know having suffered a number of serious burns in my lifetime. When you get past this, remind me and we'll compare scars. ;o)

Suzanne said...

I hope that you have many fine episodes of CSI: Miami stored up (or on tap in reruns), as I feel that Mr. Vicodin will only enhance your imitation of my man H.

Ev said...

Luckily, we only get one channel out here in the hinterlands. Our channel is pretty much All CSI, All The Time. We get all 15 of the CSIs, plus all those shows that are indistinguishable from the CSIs...Numb3rs, Criminal Minds, etc.

Therefore, we have had time to embrace our inner David Caruso, Gary Sinise, Marg Helgenberger, and That Guy With The Big Jaw.

As with anything you feel passionate about, you have to immerse yourself in it to fully understand it. :-)

Suzanne said...

Absolutely! (As I put my sunglasses on in the middle of my dark dining room at 11 pm.)