Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Odyssey Begins ...

Our intrepid blogger loaded up the Ranger and headed west just before noon today, looking road-ready and chipper. She's roughly seven hours into her journey now, which ought to put her somewhere between Little Rock and Texarkana (Ford willing) and headed for ... well ... it's marked on the map. I created this little graphic so we could track her as she moves steadfastly across the plains on her Mission of Motherly Mercy:She took the laptop, the camera and a cooler full of life-sustaining fluids, so with any luck at all she should be drinkining a cold Schlafly's Pale Ale and blogging from a cozy motel room in Dallas sometime later tonight.


She took the laptop , the camera , the beer and the VISA card.

I've adjusted the graphic, taking into account the possibility that she may be planning to turn left in the middle of hell in order to take an alternate route:Nah ... she wouldn't disappear into Mexico with nothing but a laptop, a camera, a cooler full of beer and an old Ford Ranger. She left the cats!

Oh shit.



Suzanne said...

Good luck maintaining the compound while she's gone.

Kwach said...

Maintaining the compound?? Wish me luck keeping the kitty litter scooped! This is generally a two-woman job!



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the giggle this morning, Kwachie! Loved the graphic. Let's hope she gets through "hell" without encountering any horny toads. No offense, Lynn.


Ev said...

Hell was...dark. I drove through most of Texas at night, because I was ti chicken to get into the Dallas commuter rush in the morning.

But I took pictures. After I nap, I'll upload them :-)

Anonymous said...

::sigh:: I don't know why it is that some femmes find such a need to wrestle with me. Do I look butch? Horned toads are extinct in Texas, trust me; they used to be a favorite cigarbox item in my childhood. It's chameleons now, like it or not. And good thing you bypassed all that traffic, Ev--it would have turned your hair prematurely gray.