Wednesday, May 09, 2007


We've already determined that I can only generate X number of keystrokes per day. Some days, when I waste them on WWET, I come away feeling sort of cheap and I need a shower and a trip to a confessional. Today, however, I spent the day posting on and off with the girls on Dear Crabby and I had a ton of fun!

This reminds we of what the AOL boards were like when they were used for what they were actually intended: some lighthearted conversation with your homegirls. Not to put your mental illness on display, not to flagellate people who think differently than you, but to say, "Yeah! I know what you mean! That's happened to me, too...and this is the story."

So my faith in humanity has been least for today. I could be neighbors with these Crabbies and feel lucky. In the meantime, I'm happy they're somewhere that I can play with them, and not be vigilantly watching for the inevitable AOL meltdown.
Thanks, girls. :-)

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