Saturday, May 05, 2007

Fun With Plagues!

It's been raining and foggy, and very very muggy. This makes people with arthritis very miserable. So miserable that just this morning Ev was in the kitchen pouring a cup of coffee and mentioned that the Lord has rained a plague of aches upon her. I reminded her that it could have been worse ... it could have been frogs and boils. This reminded us both of the interview we heard on NPR during Passover with a woman who created a line of plush toys for Jewish kids ... to make the plagues, you know, more fun. Here is the Plush Plagues Bag, in all it's plushy glory, and below is the description from the website. I couldn't make this stuff up, folks:

Plush Plagues Bag

Includes all 10 plagues!

Ages 3 & up Keeps the kids entertained during Passover.

This plush yellow plagues bag contains representations for all of the plagues (not necessarily in the correct order):

A spooky eyed drop of blood
A Frog for frogs—of course
A Giant Lice for lice.
Cow for cattle disease
Black Locust for locusts
A white satin lump of hail
A black cube of darkness
An icky boil on a piece of flesh!
A snarling lion's head for wild beasts
and last of all a very sad head - for death of the first born.

The frog, lice, cow and locust wriggle and roll their eyes, quiver, buzz and move when you pull their string.

I just have to post some commentary on this. First of all ... one is a "louse" not a "lice." Second of all, that's a snarling lion's head? I thought it was a beaver, representing the plague where all the female children turned into big dykes. Last of all, "a very sad head for the death of the first born"??? How about a mother rending her flesh, or at least a friggin' teardrop!!? I've looked sadder than that when I ran out of half and half for my coffee and had to get out of my jammies to go to the store.

I'm not sure the plagues are supposed to be fun, but in case you are, there are other excellent choices for making the Seder table a fun and kid-friendly place at

I think I'll order the Bag of Plagues to use as throw pillows!


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