Thursday, May 17, 2007

Strange Bedfellows

No...not me and Lori. We are a beautiful example of Sapphic love. The kind that weepy sentimental songs with overblown orchestration are written for. Songs like "Muskrat Love"and "Sometimes When We Touch" and anything by Celine Dion. It brings a tear to my eye just thinking about it. Although it's possible that the tears are tears of embarrassment for those poor musicians who meant to do something meaningful with their lives, and instead find themselves playing unobtrusively in the dentist's office.

No...I mean that sometimes...well...once in a while, anyway...I'm wrong.

And when that happens, when I rush to judgment, I miss out on some good stuff. Like hummus...Looks weird, tastes good.

So lately I've been getting to know someone I've always considered a somewhat thickheaded moron, and have unfortunately found myself liking her. So where does that leave me? Hmmm?

Maybe, since it's my blog and it's all about me, it leaves me with a good reminder. Sometimes when something looks like a brick wall, it's actually something less irritating than getting your face smashed against bricks. Sometimes, there's something interesting on the other side.

Sometimes the brick wall can actually be kind of fun.

You a thickheaded sort of a way.


marl said...

omg, ev. you're NEVER wrong!

i'm so disillusioned.


Ev said...

You're a good girl, Marl. Just for that, I won't make any lawyer jokes. :-)