Sunday, April 20, 2008

Who Loves Ya, Baby?

To know Ev is to know which are the Five Greatest Songs Ever Written.

To know and love Ev is to not only know the Five Greatest Songs Ever Written, but to be able, at a moment's notice, to flawlessly perform the Pips backup to "Midnight Train To Georgia." All of her kids totally embrace Pipping, and spontaneously Pip whenever the song plays, without any prompting. I'm learning (a superstar, but he didn't get far), but I miss the "woo woo!" train whistle more often than not.

We met and started dating in April. April is the anniversary of the first time we had The Killer Sex. It's also the anniversary of our first day trip in the car, which is when I learned about the Five Greatest Songs Ever Written. Since it's once again April, and I'm romantic that way, I spared no expense finding the new widget gadget and installing it so that Ev can listen to the FGSEW whenever she wants to ... and so can you!

Ready, set, PIP!

Happy Anniversary, my little floppy-eared butch!)


Josie said...

Happy Anniversary! And you have great taste in music. I actually gag whenever I hear "You Light Up My Life". I laughed when I saw your list.

And "Midnight Train to Georgia" is the greatest song ever written. Thanks for reminding me. It was fabulous to hear it again.

(I'm here from Cedar's blog).

Kwach said...

Welcome, Josie ... I recognized you from Cedar's blog. :)

marl said...

happy anniversary!!

to more mind-blowing sex!