Sunday, April 06, 2008

Duck, Duck...GOOSE!

You know how we are...we get on a project and pummel it into submission. Once we've decided on something, we research it to death, check out all the "here's my experience with X" blogs and then start down the road, and then we start making bigger plans.

So a couple of weeks ago we decided not to move. Although we were excited about the house, we were not excited about the postage stamp yard, which wouldn't be duck/dog/alpaca friendly. We'd been sort of clinging to the hope that the half-burned derelict house next door would be torn down and we could buy the property, but when we found out the the owners planned to keep it and fix it up someday (even though they had yet to begin in the previous two years)...we decided to continue shopping.

What we really want is 5-10 acres, with room to have a pond and some pasture and some yard. We're comfortable where we are so we have time to keep looking, but while we're looking, we've bought baby ducks. And now I'm checking into a pond for the ducks to splash around in, and that's got me looking at pumps and filters and aquatic plants and koi and flow rate and landscaping and all sorts of other stuff to decorate in and around an ornamental pond.

The ducks will be here sometime this week. Lori's cleaned out one of the sheds for them to get out of the weather, they've got heat lamps, baby duck food, and straw to snuggle up in. We're all ready to be duck parents. I'm taking a few days off to work on a fenced in area for them to be outside, safe from predators. And soon...a pond. And maybe a fountain. And a gazebo. But that's it. I swear.

Guess who needs grandchildren?


Sharon said...

Alpacas? You have alpacas?


Pat said...

well, I for one am not surprised that you decided not to move. I had already thought "and they will bring the ducks with them to the new house?" and decided "nah..."
You realize that I am living vicariously through your blog and others because I HAVE NO LIFE! I keep adding to my list of blogs to visit because I HAVE NO LIFE! lol
At least while I am still in school...