Thursday, April 10, 2008


The ducklings are here!

The post office in Carbondale called bright and early this morning to tell us we could either drive there and get them or wait until tomorrow when they'd be at our local post office. Are you kidding?? It's only a 25 minute drive!

We ordered 12, and they shipped 13, and sadly, four of the Cayugas didn't make it. All six Rouens were big and fluffy and jumping around peeping, but the Cayugas were much smaller and only two of the seven were active. The tiniest one was looking really iffy and definitely wouldn't have made it till tomorrow.

We got them home and they all started drinking and eating and running around (and pooping) right away, except the little black one, who's still strugglin' a little and lagging behind. It's eating and drinking now, but only if we put some feed on the blanket in front of it and carry it to the water. Hopefully it's just dehydrated from the trip and will perk up. Of course, it's everyone's favorite because it's the runt.

They're very sweet, and the Cayugas are definitely the calmest ones at this point. They just like to be picked up and cuddled. The Rouens are full of piss and vinegar and want to climb up and sit on our shoulders and nibble at our necks.

More pictures tomorrow!



Pat said...

Oh, how lovely they are! I am so excited! Oh...they aren't at MY house. But then, I don't have to clean up duckiepoop or duckiepee.
No, really, I am jealous :) I love baby animules, even human ones. They make my eyes leak.
Do they quack?

Cedar said...

Feed the little Runt with an eyedropper. I am rooting for him the most.

Little fuzzy furballs.

Kwach said...

Pat, they don't quack yet, they peep. Eventually the girls will quack, but the boys won't ... they make other duck noises.

Cedar, the runt is doin' good! It's eating feed and drinking (and falling asleep in the waterer). So far we're calling the three Cayugas Benedict, Omelet and Quiche Lorraine because they smell like warm eggs.


Anonymous said...

I so want to suggest AquaDuck and DuckTape as baby names ... but then that wouldn't surprise you would it?

XUP said...

You know, over the last few posts I've been thinking.. meh...ducks..., but now that they've arrived, I actually felt a frission of excitement on your behalf!! I have no good duck names, though. I'd be calling them Duck You, and Duck Off and Duck Head and stuff like that...