Wednesday, April 09, 2008

More Labor ...

No ducks today.

I called the local post office this morning to make sure they had no stray boxes of chirping babies sitting around, and to let them know to watch for them.

So, since we have no babies yet, and it's a drizzly overcast day, and gas prices are too damn high to go driving aimlessly around the countryside in Ev's new truck, we're doing projects. Ev's been cleaning out and organizing our big shed, sorting through her tools and making space to set up her shop.

Last night we went shopping in our stored boxes and I ended up with six pair of almost new jeans that used to be Ev's, we found a whole box of books we wanted to read (culled from various and sundry of the 70+ boxes of books down there), I found about a dozen old cassette tapes I want to listen to again, and today I think I'll climb up in the storage loft and look through those boxes.

It's amazing how much stuff you pack up thinking you want, love or need it, and then a couple of years goes by without it and you open the boxes and say, "What the hell were we thinking?? We could have jettisoned this crap 1500 miles ago and had room to bring our furniture!"

Ooooooh, and the annual library book sale is this weekend! Wooohoooooo!!! Fifty cent books!

Maybe ducks tomorrow ...

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Cedar said...

They could have waddled there by now.