Sunday, April 20, 2008

Moving Day!

I woke up this morning to the sound of agitated, loud peeping, and instantly knew what was going on in the guest bedroom. One of the guests was running around the bedroom floor, peeping like mad, and the other guests were running around inside the pool, also peeping like mad. It was quite obviously moving day!

Luckily, I went to Rural King yesterday and bought them a lovely hutch and enclosure and assembled it in the yard under the shade trees.

Good timing!

The ducklings seem happy in their new outdoor home. They've been eating dandelions and scrabbling in the dirt for bugs, but so far they aren't too crazy about their little wading pool. I put them in ... they jump out. I put them back in ... they yell at me and jump back out. But aren't they pretty in their new daytime home?

At night they'll be sleeping in the shed, where they have a little enclosed space with straw bedding and their heat lamp.

I can see my future laid out before me:

7:00am - remove waterer and feeder from shed, clean and refill same, move to outdoor pen.

7:15am - remove ducks from shed (two at a time until they learn to follow me) and move to outdoor pen.

7:00pm - remove waterer and feeder from outdoor pen, clean and refill same, move to shed.

7:15pm - remove ducks from outdoor pen (two at a time until they learn to follow me) and move to shed.




The checker at Rural King asked me if we had a rabbit ... she has rabbits ... she said she loves rabbit and dumplings. I told her we have ducks. She said, "Ooooh! Duck and dumplings is good, too!"



Cedar said...

Do they have DUCK IN A CAN, like Chicken a Can in Illinois?

Anonymous said...

In Indiana they have some strange thing called "Dick pudding." It's in a can, is sort of cream-of-wheat colored with little brown spots in the middle of it. I'm not sure it's not a joke - I only saw one can on the shelf, and I didn't have my reading glasses so I couldn't read the ingredients. Robin

Kwach said...

Robin, that was probably "Spotted Dick," a British "pudding" (in the sense that bread pudding is a pudding). My sources tell me it got it's name because "dick" is a nickname for "dog" in the UK ... hence "spotted dog pudding." Is that any better??

But American turn-about is fair play. The first time we had a patient named Fanny in our office, our Canadia doctor couldn't call her by name without laughing. Turns out her parents had named their little girl the British equivalent of "twat."


Jazz said...

I've been on vacation so I missed their arrival. Glad to know they made it intact through the US postal service. YAY!