Friday, April 11, 2008

And Then There Were Eight

Sadly, the little runt didn't make it through the night, but we didn't even expect it to make it all the way home, so I guess that extra 12 hours was a small victory of sorts.

Omelet, on the other hand, perked right up overnight and is looking very duck-ly (as you can see to the left), and the Rouens have now accepted the Cayugas and they aren't shoving them away and pecking them today. I spent so much time yesterday holding Omelet and keeping the other ducks from picking on it that I've totally turned that one into a lap whore.

The Rouens remind me of a bunch of tiny umpires having a fight on the pitcher's mound. They stand up tall and get all puffed up and then bump chests with each other in a miniature shoving match, with much peeping of duckling obscenities. Last night I watched one of them scooch those big feet under another one and then punt it out of the way. I told Cedar that the Rouens are the Jersey Ducks. : )

So, it looks like we've settled on a nice even-numbered flock of eight ... six Rouens and two Cayugas ... all healthy and happy now. RIP, Quiche Lorraine.



Pat said...

If they are New Jersey ducks, you'll have to name one of the, 'Pike'. The New Jersey Turnpike is well known. You can't get "there" except over it. It happens to be 148 miles long.

Cedar said...