Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Labor ...

The nursery is ready and we're now in the "pacing in the waiting room" stage of duck parenthood.

Doesn't this look comfy? If you were a duckling, wouldn't you be anxious to get here and start eating and drinking and pooping all over the place?

We've done everything we can do to over-prepare for their arrival ... we've got the vitamins in the water, the poultry crumbles in the feeder, the heat lamp and tripod adjusted to achieve the perfect toasty duckling temperature of 97 degrees, and now all we can do is smell the warm pine bedding under their soft cotton blankie and check the caller ID repeatedly to see if we missed a call from the US Postal Service.

Maybe tomorrow ... (sigh)

Ev and I have the rest of the week and the weekend off, so they should hurry up and get here! They're missing out on all this excellent imprinting and spoiling!


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Cedar said...

I like roasted duck on a bed of new potatoes and...ah, hope they arrive safely and all.