Saturday, April 26, 2008

Brush With Fame, Part I

I just read Feral Mom's post about the Beatles, and that reminded me of my brush with greatness.

I once delivered Sir Paul's paper.

His newspaper carrier had missed him (and I can't imagine how...he's right behind the massive iron gates in the foothills of Tucson), so I took a replacement paper to his house. I drove up to the iron gate, rang the bell on the gatepost and waited. After a time, a McLackey said, "Yes?" and I replied...


He said, "Throw it over the gate." I did. Me and Paul McCartney...we're like this.

Next: Part II, Diana Ross


Jazz said...

Does that mean that since I read your blog I'm almost famous?

Feral Mom said...

Very cool! If we ever run into McCartney, you'll have to introduce me. I have no brushes with musical greats, though I did once shake hands with Sylvester Stallone. Perhaps living in L.A. will rectify that.